6 Ways To Make Your Resume Really Unprofessional

Ways To Make Your Resume Unprofessional

A resume is the initial stage for the employer to get to know you. It will make or break the interviewer's first impression of you as an applicant. Today, the Resumance team shares 7 different ways for you to ruin an interviewer's impression of you (and how you can prevent them from happening!).

Mistakes and Typos

Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in your resume are either an honest mistake or simply caused by inattention. Needless to say, they will reflect as unprofessional. Therefore, you must re-read your resume several times. If possible, use spelling and grammar checking tools or have someone read and critique it for you. Better yet, do all of the above!

Funny Email Address

It's not difficult to create a new email address, since it's absolutely free. As much as possible, don't use your personal email address for work and correspondence with the employer. It's best to use your real name, surname, or initials. There are lots of online services for email registration, so choose one where your desired address is still available.

Text Format

A resume should be pleasing to the eyes, readable, and easy to understand and perceive. Don't present information in a chaotic manner. Everything should be well-structured and organized. Use numbered or bulleted lists, and headings, whenever applicable. Doing so shows your accuracy and attention to detail.

Bad Photo

Using a photo of you in a swimsuit with the beach as the background isn't exactly the best choice for a resume photo, unless you're applying to become a model for swimwear. The photo in your resume should always correspond with the expected job position. If possible, wear a corporate attire and make sure to look neat.

Frequent Use of Abbreviations and Shortcuts

If possible, avoid using abbreviations in your resume. Potential employers may think it's an indication of laziness. And if you're lazy with simple tasks like writing a resume, then what can they expect from you at work?

List all your skills and achievements. Avoid using phrases like, "the same as in the previous section/paragraph", "refer to the info above", or anything similar. If you had similar duties from your previous job experiences, try to rephrase or combine them for your new resume. Specify individual achievements and successes for each item.

Invalid Contacts

Don't provide contact information that are nonexistent or no longer relevant. Make sure that the recruiter can still contact your references using the contact details you've provided. So before sending out your resume, make sure that all contacts are up-to-date.

And that's it! Now, all you need to do is be wary of these mistakes and avoid them like the plague!

Posted by Abigail Jackson

Abigail Jackson is the Editor-in-Chief at Resumance. After earning her degree in Psychology and working for several years as a career adviser, she is now working as an independent career consultant and a seasoned resume writer. You can get in touch with Abigail on Twitter @theresumance.