How to Email a Resume and Get People to Read It

How to Email a Resume and Get People to Read It

How to write an effective email response to a job posting so your message is not lost? systematized the most popular mistakes of applicants and prepared simple and actionable advice.

If you send CVs through job search sites or resume maker online software, you usually use a simple form of response to a job. In this case, there is no need to think about what to write in the subject of the letter, where to attach the cover letter and what address of the recipient to enter. Sometimes you have to directly contact the employer, a recruiting agency or a recruiter. In this respect, you have to remember a few simple and important rules for sending a resume by e-mail, so that the letter is not ignored, or misinterpreted.

Subject of the letter

The first and important rule, which, according to recruiters, many neglect. You need to fill in the subject field. Specify for example: "Response to a vacancy ...", or "Resume to a position ...", or directly write - "I'm a front-end developer."

So your letter will go through a spam filter and the recipient will understand that he received an appeal on the topic of his interest at the moment.

Fill the body with a cover letter

Send an empty letter to the employer with the resume attached is a bad tone. Use the message body to put a cover letter in it. You definitely need to know how to write a cover letter that will work.

If there is absolutely nothing to say, you can always use:

"Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the vacant position ... and see my resume in the attached file. Yours faithfully, ..."

Even this banal and template variant looks much better than a message without text.

Don't abuse smiles

Smiles, or the language of Emoji, are very popular in correspondence. Don't forget that the resume carries the business and formal nature of communications. You probably do not even know the recipient of your letter. Save the smileys in the form of real emotions for the interview.

Attach the resume file

Resume, portfolio or other documents specified in the body of the letter must be attached to the letter. If you forget to attach the desired file, this will not produce the best impression.

Never call a file "resume.pdf". The best option is to indicate your name and the name of the vacancy. For example, "Jack Peterson, Sales Manager." The recruiter gets a lot of letters for a day with the same name of the attached file, and he should save all of them in one folder.

When using MS Word, better to save the file to an older version of the editor. It will open in a new one, which the employer may not have, and the former variations of the program. For a more attractive appearance, save your resume in PDF format.

Check for errors

Make sure there are no grammatical errors in the text of the letter and in the resume itself. Errors in such a letter are unacceptable: check them with a spell checker.

Fill in the address of the recipient at the end

This is the best guarantee that the letter does not go by mistake, for example, after accidentally pressing the wrong key. Also, do not add any more recipients when sending a resume. You're sending a letter for a specific job, right.

Evening or morning?

According to statistics, 40% of letters written late in the evening or in the early morning open more often. To be in the front rows of letters that the recruiter will review, send it after 20:00 and until 8:00.

Only when you are sure that all 7 tips are fulfilled, the letter can be considered ready for sending. Resumance also recommends reading tips on how to optimize your resume to use all successful job search practices.

Posted by Abigail Jackson

Abigail Jackson is an Editor at Resumance. She is an experienced career consultant and resume writer. You can reach her on Twitter at @theresumance.